Banking & Finance


Banking  industry continues to evolve and is becoming more and more competitive. The traditional banking sector driven by technological-innovation, has led to the emergence of fintech, insurance, wealth management, digital currencies and other delivery models to provide financial services.

Digital Transformation in Banking begins with an understanding of digital customer behaviour, preferences, choices, likes, stated needs, aspirations and more.

VDiSTiE’s Cyber Security portfolio covers solutions & services around data encryption & IRM, Identity & Authentication, Unified network monitoring, DDoS, DNS & WAF protection, VMware analytics, Network configuration & Change Management, Incident response , Advance threat intelligence,  Vulnerability assessment & Penetration testing, Security Operation centre, Cyber attack simulation and training, Certification & Regulatory Compliance.

VDiSTiE’s Cyber Intelligence portfolio covers solutions around Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering, ATM Fraud monitoring and Cyber Threat Intelligence.

VDiSTiE’s Cyber Automation portfolio covers solutions around Help desk & Service Management, Human Capital Management, HR, Payroll & Performance management, Conversational & Transactional AI chatbot

Our Service offerings includes Application Development, Software Integration, Software Maintenance & Application Testing.

Customer Benefits

Return on Investment (ROI)

Reduce IT Operations Costs

Business Continuity

Enhance user productivity

Increase operational efficiency

Better customer experience

Simple, Reliable and Scalable

Highly Secure Infrastructure

Improve safety & compliance

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