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Digital Transformation in Banking begins with an understanding of digital customer behaviour, preferences, choices, likes, stated needs, aspirations and more., Read More

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Digital transformation journey for Telecom requires changing the DNA of every communication and content for creating new ecosystem for customers and channels.Read More

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Digital Transformation journey in Government is an ability to fundamentally transform the way the public sector operates and delivers services to customers. Read More

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Digital transformation in law enforcement is to develop a digital strategy that transforms the public safety and citizen experience and to deliver improved services. Read More

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Digital transformation in education is to create a blended learning experience that combines both traditional classroom-based methods and modern technology. Read More

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Digital transformation in healthcare is an exciting step for society as it automates the processes for better management, diagnosis, and treatment. Read More

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Digital transformation is a key enabler in oil and gas to reduce costs, make faster and better decisions, and to increase workforce productivity. Read More

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Digital transformation helps hospitality businesses to interact better with customers and to reinvent customer engagement by deploying key digital transformation tools. Read More

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Digital Transformation in Retail deliver’s incremental value to integrated process and technology solutions that providebetter outcomes in terms of Customer Experience and Business Efficiency. Read More

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Digital transformation in manufacturing is driven by Industry 4.0 that transforms production, efficiency and better relationships between producers, suppliers and customers. Read More

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Digital Transformation in transportation empowers organizations to increase business accuracy, personalize services, and predict the customers preferences.. Read More


Cyber Security

Cyber security is a discipline dedicated to protecting information and the systems used to process or store data. VDiSTiE provides solutions and services around cyber security for protecting the entire infrastructure.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence is an act of gathering and analysing evidences for crime investigations & public safety. VDiSTiE offers cyber intelligence solutions specially targeted for Law enforcement, Security agencies and Intelligence agencies.

Cyber Automation

Cyber Automation is a process of implementing digital transformation for any enterprise from a legacy to advanced technology adoption. VDiSTiE brings in solutions enriched with technologies like AI, ML, IoT, RPA etc...



Training helps in continuous learning, which strengthens and improves the skills of each employee. Also skill development programs bring all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge. This helps reduce any weak links within the company who rely heavily on others to complete basic work tasks.


Customer support is a range of services including pre-sales & post-sales, enabling customers to assist in making the right decision, cost effective with clear return on investment and efficient use of the products/solutions. Our team of experienced consultants and technical engineers work with you to recommend the right solutions which suit the customer business needs.

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