AI based Chatbot

About Herbie.AI


Herbie.AI The Advanced & Matured Conversational AI with Two Way Voice Enabled Speaking Smart Assistant who can serve your customers conversationally both on voice & text.

Herbie – The Artificially Intelligent Human, a very unique and advanced Conversational Voice Assistant which is well beyond the conventional chatbots.

Herbie is a full time, multicultural, multi-ethnic, multilingual and multi-voice culture Virtual Smart Assistant who can speak to your customers and help them with all their queries, transactions and many…. Lifetime, 24 x 7 x 365 energetic support and speak to your clients with their language of preference, Unified approach with Herbie being available across 13+ Social Channels, we digitally transform your company.

• Coversational AI bot for all verticals
• 13+ Social media channel integration
• 135+ Languages in text
• 40+ languages in speach